Controls and Software Integration

Automation Software Overview

An integral part of any automated material handling system is the Control platform and Software architecture. To be successful, we know the solution must be more than just controlling inputs and outputs. Mantissa has decades of knowledge in complex high speed sortation and conveyor controls, with successful implementations throughout the world.

Loop Sortation Software

Our world class equipment deserves world class software, and that is what Mantissa supplies. We provide proven and robust software solutions for our systems, across multiple platforms including, PC, Allen Bradley, and Siemens PLC’s. Our software solutions are designed, implemented, and supported by Mantissa personnel. Our comprehensive products include Destination™ and MerlinPLUS™ software packages for loop sortation equipment.

Loop Sorter

Destination™ Machine Control Software

Destination Mantissa

Mantissa’s Destination™ Sorter Control System is a full-featured PLC machine controls platform, offering high performance and flexibility. Industrially distributed I/O elements are integrated into the PLC and control panels, and touch screen panels provide a user-friendly interface to the sorter controls.

Destination™ Sorter Control features:

  • PROFINET, ControlNet™ or EtherNet/IP™ networks
  • Input sensor Monitoring: to maintain safe and efficient machine operation.
  • Energizing outputs: to gently and accurately discharge product at their assigned destinations.
  • Product Verification: tracking product scheduling and monitoring.
  • Data collection: to statistically determine induction and sort efficiencies.
  • Maintenance functions: providing system operational data and testing functions.

MerlinPLUS™ Sorter Control Software

MerlinPLUS™ is an enabling technology that provides a framework to support custom sortation applications. The heart of the MerlinPLUS™ system consists of several integrated functional areas. The software supplies the underlying messaging, queuing, logging and client-specific logic routines necessary for reliable sortation systems.

MerlinPLUS™ Software features:

  • MerlinPLUS ™provides the following modules that make it a robust project proven technology:
  • Messaging module: provides a free hand to focus attention on how best to interconnect sortation processes with other systems.
  • Queuing interface: allows queries against the database as a quick method of extracting and displaying data as needed.
  • Logging module: records all inbound and outbound messaging into a relational database.
  • Control Center™: provides a centralized area to configure the behavior of and monitor the Sortation system.

Automation Software Integration Services

Mantissa’s broad experience allows us to provide software solutions for legacy loop sortation systems, as well as most types of automated conveyor sortation equipment including: Popup wheel sorters, Right angle sorters, and Narrow Belt systems. Our software group has successful projects that scale from 10’ of MDR conveyors to complex multi mile systems.

Belt Sorter

For more information on Mantissa’s software products, capabilities and services, please contact us to set up an in-depth online demonstration.