LifeCycle Services

Our commitment to our customers’ success doesn’t end with project turnover. We provide a wide range of training and customer support services to keep your system operating at peak performance year after year.

Supplemental Training

Supplemental Training

Supplemental Training is an educational service offered to refresh existing personnel or train new hires by a Mantissa expert in one of three areas: Supervisory, Maintenance or Operational fundamentals in working with your Mantissa system. Designed to complement your system documentation, the sessions are held in a classroom environment allowing individuals to participate with questions that apply specifically to their job responsibilities. Additionally, actual hands-on training can be provided on the system, if the production schedule allows.

24/7 Support

24/7 SOS

Our program for providing qualified Mantissa resources outside of our normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST) to assist customers in getting their equipment back into service in the unlikely event of a system failure. Universally know as 24/7 support, at Mantissa the term has come to mean SOS™ Supporting Our Systems

SOS™ provides the best assurance that our customers can reach experts uniquely familiar with their systems when and if they need help.

System Audits (1/3/5) Program

In order to ensure consistent trouble-free operation of your Mantissa® Material Handling System, a proactive approach needs to be taken, including a plan of action.

Our recommendation is a plan that consists of two elements: The customer’s routine on-site maintenance efforts utilizing its own internal staff trained by Mantissa and periodic site inspections by Mantissa personnel under our One/Three/Five audit program, which provides an enhanced effort by the experts.

System audits encourage the conscientious care of the equipment in terms of maintenance, training, and timely, effective communication. These programs are the best course of action for our customers to protect their investment, and ensure many years of productive, successful system operation.

System Audit

Spare Parts

Our extensive inventory located in Charlotte NC, allows us to provide the best possible delivery schedules and spare parts availability. We are constantly evaluating how we can better serve and support our customers.

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact Us! – We’ll be happy to discuss with you further details on any of Mantissa’s LifeCyle programs. Call our Mantissa Customer Service Department at 704-525-1749 or email us at for more information and learn how you can add years of beneficial use to your Mantissa sortation system.