Scorpion® Sorter Platform

The latest Third Generation Scorpion® sorter platform is the proven foundation for all our sorting technologies. It provides the ultimate in dependable and reliable operation, with simplicity in design.

Custom Sorting Technologies

One Platform, multiple sortation solutions

Our customers have unique package and operational requirements. Diverse industries require diverse sortation solutions. Each of our technologies provides unique sortation characteristics, allowing Mantissa to handle the widest range of products and most specific sortation solutions in the industry.

Key features of the Scorpion® Sorter Platform.

  • Precision Sorting
  • High-Speed Operation
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance

Software Integration

World Class software that is full-featured and User-friendly implemented and supported by Mantissa personnel.

Destination Mantissa

Destination™ Sorter Controls

Precise sorting, Product Verification, Data Collection, and full Maintenance functions.


MerlinPLUS™ Software

Customizable solutions that interface with other software systems and provide: Messaging, database queries and logging with clear easy to use HMI screens.

Discharge Solutions

Multiple patented discharge technologies provide the ultimate in sorting density and maximizing floor space.

Aardvark Logo

High density discharge chutes that are customizable to handle a wide variety of products, for packing applications such as Ecom and Retail markets.

Dragonfly Logo

Ultimate in gentle handling and sorting of non-traditional products and packages, for order packing applications.

Along with our patented products, Mantissa designs and manufactures traditional discharges for almost any package size/shape or type.

  • Direct to bag/tote

  • Gaylords

  • Palletizing

  •  Direct to conveyor/truck loading.

  • Dual position/ Double level

  • Funnel/spiral/skate wheel/etc.

Drive Technology

The Mantissa Green DriveTM Unsurpassed combination of performance and efficiency.

  • Patented innovative drive technology featuring high energy efficiency.
  • Providing up to 140% greater thrust compared to linear induction motor technologies, means fewer drives are required.
  • Simple design delivers the lowest operational cost compared to other drive technologies in the marketplace.

Induction Systems

Manual, Semi or Fully Automatic, Mantissa’s Patented Zebra® Induction systems provide Inline or Cross Loaded Induction Solutions.

  • Customizable in design and manufactured by Mantissa to be purpose built.
  •  All Zebra® Inductors incorporate patented “Cantilever” design which enables quick and easy maintenance and service to all major components.

  • Embedded technologies such as: Inline Scales, Dimensioning, & Scanning can be seamlessly integrated.