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Experts in Wholesale & Retail Sortation

Mantissa is a leading provider of industrial sortation systems, dedicated to helping businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Wholesale businesses serve as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers, providing a range of products and services to other businesses. In this competitive industry, companies need to optimize their operations to stay profitable and meet the demands of their customers. This is where Mantissa comes in, providing sortation solutions that improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and enhance overall efficiency. Whether it’s sorting pieces or cases, that support palletizing operations or direct to truck, Mantissa has the expertise and technology to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Use Mantissa’s Custom System for Wholesale B2B Sortation?

There are several reasons why customers should choose Mantissa systems for the wholesale B2B industry. First, Mantissa has a wealth of experience in this field and has been designing and implementing industrial sortation and conveyor systems for years. This means that we have the expertise to create customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer. Secondly, Mantissa sorters can be designed to handle packing operations of individual units in one logical area, while performing shipping sortation of cases in another. Reducing overall footprint required and utilizing the same state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge software for both processes. Thirdly, our solutions are designed to be scalable, meaning that they can grow and evolve with a business over time. Finally, Mantissa has an exceptional track record when it comes to customer service and product performance, providing comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that their systems operate at peak efficiency.

Wholesale & Retail Sortation Challenges

Mantissa’s sortation systems are designed to solve a range of challenges that are commonly faced by companies in the wholesale retail industry. These challenges include:

  • Minimizing number of human interactions
  • Ergonomic/automatic solutions for operators
  • Efficient/Consistent/Reliable handling of large/heavy cartons
  • Multi-use systems for handling pieces and cases
  • High throughput requirements

Mantissa Sorters for Wholesale & B2B

Traditional Tilt Sorter

Tilt Tray Sortation System is a tried-and-true solution for sorting a wide range of products in various industries.

Cross Belt Sorter

Cross Belt Sortation System is a highly efficient and flexible solution for sorting packages, parcels, and other goods in a wide range of industries.

Target Tilt

TargetTilt® is a unique solution in the industry combining gentle tilting action, while providing a package rotation that ‘points’ the item in the direction of discharge.