Welcome to Mantissa Corporation


From Concept Design to after sales support, Mantissa truly is a complete turn-key sortation solutions provider.

Concept Design

We provide application engineering to tailor sortation solutions that meet your requirements and budgets. With over 40 patents, we offer our customers unique technologies to create the best solutions in our industry.


Experienced in house engineering in Mechanical, Electrical and software disciplines. From part design, FEA and Structural Seismic requirements, as well as utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM software for manufacturing.


Extensive internal manufacturing capabilities in machining and fabrication. Multiple facilities dedicated to post processing and assembly. We continue to invest in becoming vertically integrated, to control quality and support on-time delivery.

Controls and Software

We provide proven and robust software solutions for our systems, across multiple platforms including, PC, Allen Bradley, and Siemens PLC’s. Designed, implemented, and supported by Mantissa personnel.

Inventory & Spare Parts

Our investment in facilities to store and manage our inventory allows us to provide the best possible delivery schedules and spare parts availability. We are constantly evaluating how we can better serve and support our customers.

After sales services

Our commitment to our customers success doesn’t end with project turnover. We provide a wide range of training and customer support services to keep your system operating at peak performance year after year. For more details on what we offer, please visit our Service & Support page.