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System Audit


What is the System Audit?

The Mantissa System Audit provides a comprehensive evaluation detailing the current operational state of your system. An analysis is performed of how well the system functions overall with respect to Mantissa authored software for sorter control and operation.

System Audit can also be used as a vehicle for clients to have Mantissa investigate and analyze specific attributes of their sorting process. This service is a way for clients to have an experienced consultant check the compatibility of any changes that you would like to make to your system, e.g.,

System Audit can also be used to evaluate the safety features of your system, making sure everything is labeled and working as it was originally intended.

Whether you need to evaluate the current operational state of your system, would like Mantissa to investigate specific areas of your sorting process, or evaluate your system’s safety features, System Audit is designed to fulfill your needs.

How does it work?

A Mantissa consultant performs an on-site analysis of your system, which includes:

  • observation of production
  • operational, supervisory, and management staff interviews
  • an evaluation of the current software and sorter controls

Recommendations may be offered to optimize operational functions, improve existing processes, or add additional functionality to an existing system.

Note: For security and safety reasons, our customers are required to provide at least one experienced maintenance staff employee to assist Mantissa during the complete audit process.

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What areas of the system does the System Audit cover?

The System Audit can encompass any Mantissa-provided components and/or other related third party systems in your facility.

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What are the benefits of the System Audit?

Mantissa Expertise
As the manufacturer, Mantissa is most capable of evaluating the operation and performance of its systems and assessing its overall functions. We come in as an objective professional with the experience and fresh approach to evaluate the state of your system and, if appropriate, recommend improvements.

Program Customization
Mantissa varies the program to suit the unique needs of our various customers.

Detailed Report of System Audit
This document is reviewed and forwarded to our customers as a complete record of the audit. This report summarizes Mantissa’s findings and recommendations, providing the customer with valuable feedback for establishing a more effective or improved sorting processes.

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How much does the System Audit cost?

Call our Mantissa Customer Service Department at 704-525-1749 or email us at for current rates.

Work is billed in whole day increments. Travel time is billed on an hourly basis with a minimum of four (4) hours per one-way trip. The invoice for trip related expenses and services performed is sent after each trip is completed.

Travel related expenses (hotels, airfare, rental car, and per diem) are invoiced at cost plus 10%.

At the time of receipt of the purchase order, Mantissa sets up tentative timeframes that are convenient for all parties. As the proposed time approaches, the actual trip dates are confirmed. Mantissa generally locks in the trip schedules early enough to take advantage of advance travel discounts. Schedule may be affected by availability of personnel who are most knowledgeable of a client's specific situation.

If circumstances arise that make it necessary for the client to postpone or cancel a trip scheduled for within (14) days, the client will be responsible for all costs resulting from altered or cancelled travel arrangements.

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How do we sign up for the System Audit?

Call Us!

We’ll be happy to discuss further details of the Mantissa System Audit with you. Call our Mantissa Customer Service Department at 704-525-1749 or email us at for more information.

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